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An Expert Witness’s duty is to give to the Court or tribunal an impartial opinion, within his or her expertise, on particular aspects of matters which are in dispute.

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As a specialist in claims cases involving the use of lasers and intense light sources (ILS) in cosmetic and clinical dermatology, Dr Godfrey Town has the necessary expertise. He has worked collaboratively along with with colleague Dr Ross Martin for over 17 years, prepared expert reports, advised strategy and given evidence in complex cases on behalf of clients involving personal injury claims following misuse of lasers in cosmetic and clinical practice and have been instructed by many leading international & domestic law firms.

Drs Town and Martin are available individually or cooperatively to meet with other experts appointed by other parties and resolve where they agree or disagree on the merits of the case.


Dr Town has worked as a registered Clinical Technologist and Laser Protection Adviser for more than a decade and has published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals on clinical efficacy and safety of light-based therapy devices. He serves on several national and international laser and ILS standards committees and his technical expertise complements the medical experience of Dr Martin. His doctoral thesis, awarded in 2013 entitled ‘Quality Assurance in the Democratisation of Light-Based Therapies’ demonstrates the currency and relevance of his technical expertise.


Drs Town and Martin are able to act for both UK & Republic of Ireland cases and other international situations, particularly in the offshore locations such as Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man plus many of the ex-British colonies such as Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Bermuda, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Bahrain.

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