Godfrey Town PhD

expert witness in cosmetic and clinical dermatology claims cases

involving the use of lasers and intense light sources (ILS)

Why do you need an expert witness in cosmetic laser use claims?


Disagreement Resolution

available to meet with other parties’ appointed experts to resolve where they agree or disagree on the merits of a dispute


Highly experienced

as a registered Clinical Technologist and Laser Protection Adviser for more than a decade, his 2013 doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Quality Assurance in the Democratisation of Light-Based Therapies’, demonstrates the currency and relevance of his technical expertise


Recognised expert

serving on several national and international laser and ILS standards committees



extensively in international peer-reviewed journals on the clinical efficacy and safety of light-based therapy devices


Witness testimony

having prepared expert reports, advised strategy and given evidence in complex cases on behalf of clients involving personal injury claims



by many leading international & domestic law firms in claims arising from the alleged misuse of lasers in cosmetic and clinical practice

The best feeling in the world is to know you are helping reveal the facts in cases relating to claims of misuse of lasers in cosmetic and clinical practice.

“What an excellent job! Professional and a really nice person. Our journey with him just started, and we will recommend his services.”

Laura Booth, EmilyLouiseLaser

“I started my week with no worries when I knew Dr Town would be reviewing my case.”

Justin Richardson, LaserTech

“I got a recommendation about Godfrey Town from a company I'm working with, and from that moment, I knew I would be in good hands.”

Thomas Rubio, Another Laser Company

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